4.1 Assumptions

In order to successful implement this Strategic Plan, certain critical external factors, over which ZIPRC has no direct control, should be in place. With this in mind, the development of this Strategic Plan has been guided by the following underlying assumptions:

  1. Government enacted of the ZIPRC Bill into an Act which gives the Institute necessary legal authority to regulate the Public Relations and Communication profession in Zambia.
  2. There is a favorable political climate and a supportive socio-economic environment that will facilitate the growth and enhancement of Public Relations and Communication activities.
  3. The legal recognition and status of ZIPRC will lead to increased support and engagement from various stakeholders.
  4. Continuous advancements in information and communication technology (ICT) will be available to harness for improved communication, training, and operational efficiency.
  5. Availability of ICT innovations to leverage communication, training & real time information dissemination.
4.2 Pre-conditions

In addition to the strategic assumptions, the following internal prerequisites must be established to ensure the effective implementation of this Strategic Plan:

  1. The Secretariat must be operationalized to efficiently manage day-to-day operations
  2. Robust measures and systems need to be developed to mobilize and generate sufficient revenues to sustain ongoing operations
  3. There should be a steady increase in the membership of Public Relations and Communication professionals and firms
  4. The Council must offer effective leadership and support to the Secretariat to facilitate the successful execution of this plan.